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Send and receive text messages to connect and drive meaningful customer engagement. Easily build a trusted SMS offering into your web and mobile applications with Sprint’s powerful messaging Platform.


Deliver a trusted customer experience

Looking for an efficient way to communicate with your customers? Sprint offers a cost-effective bulk SMS service in USA that supports all mobile networks. With our easy-to-use platform, you can create and send promotional SMS campaigns to millions of customers at extremely affordable rates. Our reliable & affordable SMS marketing solutions in USA can help take your marketing efforts to next level.

We also offer transactional SMS services that allow you to send critical information such as banking alerts. Our OTP SMS service is designed to make OTP validation a breeze with support for all mobile networks in USA. We also offer SMPP connectivity for fast and reliable delivery of your SMS campaigns, and SMS API integration for seamless communication with your customers.


Bulk SMS services in USA

Sprint offers delivery to USA Cincinnati, Viaero, Immix, Iowa, Telna Mobile, Aeris, Pario, GlobeComm, Thumb Cellular, Pine Telephone, Long Lines, Verizon, PetroCom, Leaco Rural, NewCore Wireless, U.S. Cellular, Golden State, Srt Wireless, Metro Pcs, Revol Wireless, Nextel – USA, At&T Mobility with various sender options.


SMS Marketing In USA

Scale your marketing efforts with our reliable SMS marketing solutions in USA.



Validate OTPs with ease using our OTP SMS service in USA.

Reliability you can trust

Smart, high-quality routing

Speed and reliability matter. Sprint’s Bulk SMS intelligently routes your text messages through the most efficient path available to provide you with the fastest and most reliable delivery possible. Using our text messaging, you can be confident that your SMS messages are delivered at the speed of business.

Waterfall delivery for endless redundancy

Rely on best-in-class deliverability rates. Our SMS platform deploys a waterfall approach with dynamic routing to ensure every message is delivered. If any message fails, it instantly redirects the SMS communication across a global network of more than 700 carrier routes.


Messaging for every scale


Global reach and coverage

Text message just about everyone. Reach 97% of the world’s population and connect with your customers in more than 230 countries and over 80 languages. Effortlessly grow and scale with turn-key geo-expansion.

Create a local experience

Establish a local presence. Purchase or lease phone numbers with geographically accurate area and country codes. Build customer trust by communicating with familiar, recognizable phone numbers.

Flexibility for every interaction

One-way communication

Engage your customers with timely SMS text messages. Send account alerts, purchase notifications, appointment reminders, and more. Keep your customers informed and deliver an experience they will trust.

Two-way communication

Connect with your customers on their terms for true conversations. Personalize your support channels to build unique customer relationships using our secure, private, two-way communications to reach your customers quickly at any time.