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Sprint offers a simple, quick, and scalable way to modernize customer communications. Businesses of all sizes — from growing startups to public companies — rely on Sprint to deliver better customer experiences. Sprint's enterprise-grade communications platform includes a premium carrier network with connectivity in more than 190 countries, an API platform for messaging, and Digital solutions for sales and support teams. We are one stop solution for all your marketing needs.

What We Do

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1 or 2 Way SMS

Send Bulk SMS globally in under 5 seconds with 60+ direct operator connections, we ensure quick and reliable SMS Delivery almost everywhere.

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Carrier Grade Platform

Send bulk SMS messages in a snap with a robust, secure, and fast platform that scales with you. It refers to networks that have extremely high reliability, and is both well-tested, and redundant.

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We allow your business to integrate SMS messaging into your existing software platforms. With SMS APIs you can send and receive SMS messages quickly and easily through any application or website.

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Conversational Marketing

Engaging your customers in their busy lives is a marketer’s #1 challenge. But it doesn’t have to be so hard! Go conversational - your sales team and customers will thank you. We deal in SEO, Google Ads and much more.

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Digital Experience That Connects The Brand To The User

One Time Passwords

Use SMS to provide access, authenticate payments or securely share data.


Drive action at every stage of the marketing funnel with SMS marketing.

Secure Updates

Use text messaging to send important or timely notifications to your users.


Send customers notifications, updates and alerts when they need them most.

Empower your team and impress the heck out of your customers


Wow your customers effortlessly with personalized messaging throughout the customer journey.


Boost operational efficiency and customer satisfaction with timely, relevant notifications.

Customer Service

Our cloud-based communications platform brings your legacy support platform into the digital!

Top 3 reasons customers choose Sprint

We’re not satisfied until you’re successful

Our consultative approach to engagement means we work with you every step of the way.

We build reliability into our platform

Behind the scenes, Sprint makes sure your communications get where they need to go every time.

Our complex applications are simple by design

We’re focused on keeping things simple for our users while allowing you to build complex applications.

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